Raf, 2021, 48cm x 30cm, hand stitched fabric texture on digital photography


The Knave, 2021, 48cm x 30cm, hand stitch on digital photography


Boo, series, 2020, each piece 18cm x 22cm, handstitched digital photography.


Untitled (fingerface), 2020, 30cm x 48cm, hand stitched cotton texture on digital photography.

Cipher, series, 2019, each image 27cm x 20cm, digital c-type print

Transitional Objects, 2020, wood, calico and thread, each object about 5cm x 5cm x 8cm.


Dancer, 2020, series, 
each image 25cm x 18cm,       digital c-type print

Untitled (red circle), 2019, series of 4, each print 60cm x 60cm, archival digital print

a key aspect of these series is our skin as a surface which absorbs and retains our experiences and how these experiences will emerge whether we like it or not. The tape attempts to conceal, but it cannot.

Honestly, 2019, series of 5, each print 60cm x 60cm, archival digital print

Installation images from all the things I cannot say, hARTslane Gallery, 2019