In the studio with works from The Horses, 2021, series of 5, acrylic paint and constructed texture on Somerset paper.

Falling  – new series of works in progress based on photos taken in Salento studio, Italy, summer 2021

Fan, 2022, 48cm x 33cm, collaged fabric texture on digital photography


Boo, series, 2020, each work 22cm x 18cm, handstitched digital photography

The Knave (detail), 2021, handstitched digital photography


Untitled (fingerface), 2020, 30cm x 48cm, hand stitched cotton texture on digital photography.

Cipher, series, 2019, each image 27cm x 20cm, digital c-type print

Transitional Objects, 2020, wood, calico and thread, each object about 5cm x 5cm x 8cm.


Dancer, 2020, series, 
each image 25cm x 18cm,       archival digital print

Untitled (red circle), 2019, series of 4, each print 60cm x 60cm, archival digital print


Honestly, 2019, series of 5, each print 60cm x 60cm, archival digital print

Installation images from all the things I cannot say, hARTslane Gallery, 2019