Selected Work

From The Horses, 2021,  series of 5, 78cm x 55cm each , acrylic paint and constructed texture on paper

we have lived through the night, acrylic on constructed surface, 200cm x 200cm, photographed in the studio at the Atina residency, Italy, August 2022

Untitled (red circle), 2019, series of 4, 60cm x 60cm each, archival digital print

Honestly, 2019, series of 5, 60cm x 60cm each, archival digital print 

Scary Monsters, series of 5 (3 shown), 2023, 48 x 33cm, fabric collage and hand stitched texture on digital photography

Disguise 2022, 48cm x 33cm, hand stitched fabric texture on digital photography 

Fan 2022, 48cm x 33cm, fabric collage on digital photography

Irina, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 200cm x 120cm           Installation photo The Possibilities of Touch, Safehouse, SE15

Boo, detail (1 of series) 2020, 18cm x 22cm unframed, hand stitched digital photography

Cipher,  series of 6 (4 shown) 2020, 40cm x 30cm unframed, hand stitched digital photography

Untitled, 2022, each one 6cm x 4cm x 4cm, paper

Installation – Stephens House and Gardens, 2022

Transitional Objects, 2020, each one about 6cm x 6cm x 6cm, wood and cotton fabric

Transitional Objects, Arthousehaus 2020

Run, 2020, 70cm x 120cm, montage of video stills

Sheppey, 2020, 21cm x 30cm, handstitch on digital photography