Over and Over, hand made cloth bound book, archival print, size when closed 9cm x 7cm,


The Book of Boo, handmade cloth bound book, hand stitch on archival print, size when closed 12cm x 9cm


When I live in the Countryside, handmade cloth bound book, original text with original and found images, size when closed 18cm x 13cm

“When I live in the countryside I will wake up in the morning, I’ll be woken by the light coming through the window because I won’t draw the curtains or maybe even have curtains or maybe have them just to keep the heat in and when I wake up I will get up and I won’t even look through the window (not every day) because I want to be in the countryside I don’t want to look at it so I will go straight downstairs and put a jumper on over my t-shirt and boots on over my pyjama bottoms and go outside….” 

The Journey Home, handmade cloth bound book, original text and collage, size when closed 16cm x 12cm.

“They were delighted to see us and also relieved in a way that we did not understand.  The route had seemed quite straightforward, but perhaps we could have got lost or there was some other hazard we had inadvertently avoided….”